OPTIMAL SENSE brings the high-end material science integrated with the IoT sensors and data science to serve the vast outdoor and sustainability eco-system. 
Our variety of products aimed to enable better safety and ease of access to the entire outdoor activities as well as integrated solutions to the environmental challenges.


Outdoor & Sustainability

IoT Sensores & Data Management

Advanced Materials & Impact Technologies



Optimal sense unique outdoor solutions developed to support travelers, outdoor jobs employees as well as assisting the disabled community to enjoy the experience outside in nature.

Special attention is made towards product development to better secure kids and youth in outdoor traveling and activities.

Advanced materials based on nanotechnology, IoT sensors and devices cloud supported and connected will increase the capabilities of anyone of to access nature outdoor much easy and safely in order to better enjoy, travel and work outside in our daily life.



The innvoative technologies we use, designed to provide full compliance with environment protection and sustainability.

  • Graphene Applications

  • Nano Materials

  • Advanced Performance Fibers

  • Innovative Water Technologies

  • IoT

Optimal Sense provides:

Customize Preformance Materials

Scale Up Services

Approaching Early Adopters for innovative Materials

Patent Licensing

Data management, Strategy & Planning


The professional team is highly experienced in a variety of industrial challenges, covering the technology and the business aspects.

The company's experts are capable of providing customized support in the B2B industrial market as well as for the B2B2C retailers.



Dr. Dov Reichman has been a senior manager for more than 25 years in R&D, innovation, and entrepreneurship in marketing and business development in the international market. 



Dr. Dov Reichman


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